Machete Yeti Productions

About Machete Yeti

Based in Southeast Michigan and specializing in low-budget comedy (out of necessity not desire). The team at Machete Yeti are working on short films, but they're looking forward to a ton of different projects. As Josh puts it they'll do "Anything to entertain the masses. Internet, movies, cartoons, running naked in public, whatever."

Long before Granholm's plan to turn Michigan into "Little Hollywood", the core of Machete Yeti was writing scripts hoping one day for them to see the light of day. Now that Michigan is becoming a pseudo hub for film-making they're taking the opportunity (read: hoping someone will give them money) to learn the craft and put some of the garbage stewing in their brains on display for the world to see.


If you like their style, the Machete Yeti team loves to work with new people! Get in touch!






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