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    Hunting Checklist: Beer, Rifle, Helmet?
    Conspiracy Joel is available for your viewing displeasure. This one's NSFW in the same vein as Clerks Cigarettes.

    Yale Bologna: The Truth is out!
    After many months in limbo, production on this was hung up for various reasons, hope it lives up to the overblown hype it's no doubt accumulated.

    Machete Yeti is working with WWi3 to cover the Yale Bologna Festival!
    Really?!? You guys celebrate bologna? I'd have celebrated bacon personally.

    Slaying teenagers for a living is harder than it seems.
    The Nightslayer is finished! Check it out and pop over to FunnyorDie to give it a boost!

    Machete Yeti.com launched!
    Place to gather our works and eventually release some of our older content and other stuff we're ashamed of.

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